Ritchie S. King

Currently, I'm a data visualization engineer at Netflix. Previously, I was a visual journalist and data viz editor at FiveThirtyEight. I’ve also written a textbook about JavaScript's excellent D3 library.

Check out some of my work below. On Twitter at @RitchieSKing. Email at RitchieSKing[at]gmail.com. LinkedIn profile here.


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“This book is very well written, it provides a tutorial on how to design charts and data visualizations by taking the reader through a complete project step by step.”

“I have read several D3 books and this is still a favourite.”

“I'll buy Ritchie a beer if I ever run into him.”


2016 General Election Forecast


A web app showing Nate Silver's forecasts for the presidential election, state-by-state win probabilities, and the latest polls.

2016 Primary Elections Forecast


A web app showing Nate Silver's forecasts for the primary elections and the latest polls and polling averages in each state.

How The Internet Talks*


*Or Reddit, anyway. Like the Google Ngram Viewer, but shows the relative frequency of words and phrases used on Reddit, instead of in books.

Hack Your Way To Scientific Glory


In this demonstration of "p-hacking," you can show that either Republicans or Democrats are better for the economy just by tweaking which political offices you include and how you define "economy."

By reading this article, you're mining bitcoins


An explanation of how bitcoin works — with a twist